5th Annual Open Forum

Hosted by:
Nick Chertock
Chris Como
Mike Michaelides
Photos from Open Forum 3
If you missed Open Forum 3 or want to review the presentations, all of the events of the evening are available here:


About the Event

The 5th Annual Open Forum is designed to be an interactive event that brings together the top minds in golf instruction and golf science. Discussion topics will be centered around the advances in golf that provide a better understanding of the game, and how teachers can apply this in their everyday work with students.

The audience consists of golf teachers, trainers, biomechanists, physicists, exercise physiologists, and motor learning & statistics experts.

Date & Time

January 24th, 2017
3pm - 10:30pm


Rosen Plaza in Orlando
9700 International Dr
Orlando, Florida 32819


  • $100 in advance
  • $125 at the door


Live Instruction from 3 to 4:30

Don Parsons

Mike Adams

Forum from 4:30 to 10:30


Chuck Cook

David Orr

James Ridyard

Layne Savoie

Dr. Sasho MacKenzie

Dr. Scott Lynn

Dr. Bhrett McCabe

Garrett Kramer

Matthew Cooke

Iain Highfield

Liam Mucklow

Scott Fawcett

Other Panelists

Dr. Phil Cheetham

Dr. Robert Neal

Dr. Mike Duffey

Jon Sinclair

John Dunigan

Kirk Oguri

Andrew Rice

Dr. Fran Pirozzolo

Grant Waite

Brad Faxon

Trillium Rose

Mark Blackburn

Stan Utley

Larry Rinker
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