PGA PRO Golf Warm Up Tricks | Tony Horton Fitness

Last month I had the opportunity to film a video with my fitness and health mentor Tony Horton.  I've implemented many of the warm up moves and exercises for my own health and golf game.  It has now become a standard part of my teaching.  Several students have committed to a home program and have experienced a more flexible turn for their golf game.

Many have even lost some weight, which was not part of the original plan, but where excited to experience.  Not only are they more fit and healthier, but are now frequent customers to our driving range.  All in All a win, win, win program!

Here is a link to the video I shot with Tony.

Thanks for checking it out.  You'll also notice in the description of the video, that anyone who mentions the video when booking a lesson with me, I'll donate 25% of my lesson fee back to the Bandini Foundation.  This foundation is doing great things to take care of our veterans!  Well done Ricardo and Jim!
Till we meet and hit some shots!