How the trail hand should be on the club

The trail hand, (right hand for right handed players) is much easier to apply to the club than the lead hand.  You don't have to look in a mirror.  There are only two correct options and I'll lay them out for you here.

One, place your trail hand on the club in your fingers with the v formed by your thumb and forefinger pointed at the trail side of your face so that the palm is facing the target.  If done correctly you can't see your lead hands thumb because it's covered by the thumb pad of the trail hand.  This will leave your trail palm facing the target, hopefully where your clubface is pointed.   This is the best position to me, but there's an alternative for those of you who have a very internally rotated lead hand.  

The other is to match the v's on the lead and trail hand.  This means wherever the v on the lead hand is pointing the v on the trail hand will point as well.  I still want the grip in your fingers, but I'm willing to give on this a little for those of you with "stronger" grips.

The pitfall of this stronger position is in pitching.  I don't like the position because most players who use it struggle with shortgame.  You've effectively taken a lot of loft off of your club, and around the green that can be a problem.  That is the affliction that Dustin Johnson deals with and David Duval struggled with early in his career.  Now I know they appear to have done ok, but I believe only because they've spent a lot of time working on it. Do you have a lot of time?  It's something to consider.

Next week we'll see how to deal with grip pressure.  After all if you have a good grip it will go to waste if you strangle the club!