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I have always said that there is no "off-season" for golfers. What I am referring to is that the cold weather months are the absolute best time to work

2018-12-20 16:25:21

Even though we live in an area where the weather can sometimes makes it impossible to go to the range or play golf over the winter, we can still satisfy

2018-12-16 01:56:41
Do you want to improve your swing and functional movement over the winter?

Do you want to learn more about your swing characteristics and your body?s connection?
2018-10-12 20:48:57
The best teachers in the world understand the students golf swing and golf mind. The important key to success is for me to understand you and teach you...
2018-02-28 02:09:41

Halfway Back:  Fully "set", club on plane

From the initial move away position (and using the line of the original shaft plane at address as a guide) ...
2018-01-31 16:54:26
2017-11-25 13:50:21
2017-11-25 13:46:50
2017-08-13 12:16:54
My journey has had its ups and downs for sure. Now after all these years, I believe it's my ability to take any student and treat them like of work of...
2017-08-10 00:49:14