New Things from Born2Golf

November 22, 2016

Now that it's November and overseed is officially complete, I am so excited for a new golf season! This will be my first full season as the "Director of Instruction" at Mesa Country Club, and I am really looking forward to this next year. As most Arizonans take off for the summer months, I have stayed busy at Mesa CC. Not only with lessons, but with growing Born2Golf behind the scenes.

The biggest change has been the launch of my new website. I'm really excited about this and how it turned out! Just like with any new technology, it has definitely had it's glitches, but overall it's going to make access to Born2Golf easier for everyone. The biggest change will be the integration of lesson scheduling right through the site. You will now be able to see my availability, book a lesson, sign up for a clinic, and get email confirmation/reminders. It also gives you access to my recent video tips and blog updates and you can purchase Born2Golf merchandise to officially join the team.

The second biggest change is my new partnership as a Brand Ambassador for Jofit! Their clothes are focused on women and their cute designs mixed with great fitting outfits make for ultimate confidence! Plus, I love that they are commited to helping grow women in golf, one of my main goals as an instructor. That's actually when they really caught my attention after they partnered with Women With Drive. As women in this industry we have to stick together and really help spread the love and excitement for the game. I know this is a great brand that stands for everything I do and I'm just so happy we can work together! Check them out and all their cute clothing at

The third biggest change is the growth of marketing materials and social media representation. I have been able to build a better visual representation at Mesa Country Club with banners, signs, and flags throughout the facility, and selling Born2Golf merchandise in the Pro Shop. I am so lucky to be at a club that allows me the freedom to really grow my brand and my company. They give me their full support and it's going to be really fun to continue to grow it into a full academy with an indoor learning center.

The last big change is that I am now a U.S. Kids Certified Instructor! I have been waiting for them to hold a certification seminar in Arizona so this was something I have looked forward to for a while. It was so much fun to be able to gain better ideas for ways to make the game even more fun for kids. In order to grow the game, it's not good enough to just get kids trying golf, but they need to have fun as well or else they won't come back. They gave us a huge booklett full of great games for every part of golf so it's both fun and educational. I also learned more about club fitting for kids and their development as athletes. In conjunction with U.S. Kids, the Positive Coaching Alliance is another certification that ties into it. This was a course specifically on how to be the best coach you can be, not only to kids, but their parents as well. It focuses on ways to be a positive influence in their life and how to capitlize on great teaching moments in any sport. They have online courses that even parents can take to better help them understand the dynamic between a parent and a child in sports. U.S. Kids and PCA have done such great jobs with their organizations and I hope to be involved in both of them as long as I can.

Last, but certainly not least, I was able to fit in playing some golf and working on my own game. It always amazes me what an incredible game this is. Not only for how you are always learning something new, but also for the people you are able to meet. I have been so fortunate to get to know some truly incredible people because of my dads involvement in the teaching industry. He has worked with people from all walks of life and all ranks of society. One of those people is Vice President Dan Quayle. We have developed a great friendship and he has invited me to play some amazing golf venues.

Most recently, I was his guest at Scottsdale National and Paradise Valley Country Club. Both were VERY different course, but equally fun. Scottsdale National was a tough challenge not only off the tee, but around the greens as well. I have to say that they are the best putting greens in the state! If you missed a putt, you definitely couldn't blame it on the green being bumpy or slow.

Bob Parsons has left his mark on this course by designing a bunker he calls the "Mine Shaft." Luckily my ball didn't end up in it, because I'm pretty sure there is no way out besides taking a drop.

PVCC was fun because it's an older traditional style course so there's more trees and less desert. It also is right in the middle of the valley and has great views of Camelback Mountain. The greens were in great shape as well and I was very glad I had a caddie on some of the severe breakers!

I hope eveyone has an incredible Thanksgiving and really gets to reflect on all you are grateful for, especially with all the negativity that is surrounding us right now. I'm a big believer that if you focus more on what you have and less on what you don't, your life becomes richer and you start to see things differently. I am so grateful for this incredible country and the freedoms it provides to be able to live your dreams. If you want something bad enough and put in the hard work (because it's definitely not easy) then you can have any kind of life you want. My parents are two examples of that American Dream and both came from nothing to build a life that provided me with endless opportunities to live my dreams. It's an incredible experience to get to work alongside my dad and ultimately carry on the legacy he has worked so hard for 45 years to build. Most of all, I'm grateful I get to share all of this with my husband and ultimately pass along the work ethic, the positive attitude, and the values we grew up with to our future children. I hope you all get to enjoy this time of year spent with family and loved ones.