Welcome to Failure - It can be a Great Thing!

It's that time of year again here in San Diego, CA - High School Golf Team tryouts...  Hundreds of juniors will be striving for a roster spot, some will make it, but many more won't. For all those juniors who find themselves being CUT, keep your head up as it may very well be an invaluable learning experience! experiencing failure as a kid can be an amazing thing as long as that particular feeling is turned into motivation. many years ago I was cut from the Freshman Baseball Team at Rancho Bernardo High School, and because of that I decided to take up golf - it was one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me.  Obviously the feeling of getting CUT was awful, but it led me to another great opportunity. My love for golf grew rapidly and I worked my tail off to be as good as I could be - a few years later I recieved an athletic scholorship to join the SDSU Men's Golf Team! I was able to turn a "failure" of not making one team into the motivation to make another. 

Then another life lesson came my way... my third year into college I was CUT from the SDSU Golf Team. At the time this seemed like a terrible thing, but looking back it provided a huge life lesson that I still carry with me today. I had taken for granted my golf skills, I got lazy and complacent. I wasn't doing everything I could to continue growing and improving, and because of that other players surpassed me. I deserved to be CUT. This is when I quickly learned that when you "fail", use that as fuel to work harder and get better. When you "succeed", enjoy it, but don't stop working to always improve. I adopted this mindset everyday working at
Future Champions Golf, helping my students, and making the best life possible.  If you find yourself being CUT from your team, keep in mind the amazing things you can take away from that experience.  Come back next year as the Best Player on the Team, the Most Improved, set some goals, and work hard to achieve them, dont be complacent - be AWESOME!

Chris Coaches Golf to Junior and Collegiate Golfers at Stadium Golf Center in San Diego, CA