El Nino appears to be here in Southern California and the rain is coming down hard!  How will you get better on days like today?

Idea 1:  Read a mental game book! There are so many great books out there on the mental side of golf and now you are forced inddors so READ!  

Idea 2:  Practice your Swing Indoors - I always practiced my swing in my room in front of large mirrors and would do so in very slow motion trying to feel each part of the motion and try and repeat what I was feeling.  This can engrain your swing to be even more consistent by sensing in slower motion.  This is good indoors or out but perfect for a nice rainy day.  

Idea 3 - Exercise and Stretch - Get Fit for Golf.  You need a strong and flexible body  to perform at your very best and remeber if you plan on getting to the US Open someday you better be ready for long days, hot sun, tough conditions, hard walks, and more.  It is not easy and being out of shape is not gonna work against these other fit players on Tour today!

Idea 4 - Visualize your next round of golf in your head.  Imagine the shots you want to hit. How you would like to play the course.  Another great thing to do is draw out the course you will play and draw in the lines you want to hit your drives on and the angles you want to hit yiur approach shots from.  This is a good visualization technique that will help you see it better on the course.  

Idea 5 - Forget about Golf for a day and spend time with your loved ones!

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