5 On Course Drills to Try To Improve Your Scoring

  1. Front 9 Play Worst Ball, Back 9 Play Best Ball:
    • This is one of my favorite drills to play and have had several students do this prior to big events and do some amazing things.  Playing Worst Ball is very challenging becuase you need to hit two good shots or at least the bad one can't be too bad which is great training to improve your consistency.  You also have to hole out Two putts from the location to finish the hole. I recommend only doing this for 9-holes as it is very challenging and then do the back 9 as a scramble format.  It is a great balance that reaps big rewards!
  2. Play the shortest tees one day, longest tees another day
    • This is simple and just gives you different ways to look at the holes.  Especially if you play the same course a lot.  Use this to mix up your practice and to get more strategic on how you play each hole.
  3. Play Irons Only the Whole Round
    • This shows you there are more ways to play a hole.
  4. Add One Stroke to score for any ball in left rough or left of the green (Eliminate Left Miss Strategy Practice)
    • Love this drill for highly skilled players looking to score lower and control their ball flight and misses better.  Just add one stroke to every hole score everytime you miss left of the fairway or left of the left fringe.  It really makes you focus on the flight and your miss.
  5. Add 2 Clubs to every approach shot to work on creativity and feel, example is if normally its an 8 iron hit a 6 iron
    • This is simply to increase your feel and teach you new shots to play.  The more you can do with every club the better you will be!

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