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Areas of Focus:

  • Putting
  • Short Game
  • Full Swing
  • Bunker Play
  • Fundamentals
  • Jr. Golf
  • Women's Golf
  • Mental Game
  • Competitive Golf
  • College Prep

* Stanford Professional since 1984
* PGA Member since 1986
* Golf Coach - St. Francis High School since 2001
* Boise State University - Golf Team
* St. Francis High School - Golf Team - Hall of Fame
* CIF-CCS Coach of the Year - Girls Golf
* CCA-Northern California Coach of the Year - Girls Golf

Phil has the mind of an engineer, but is an artist at heart. His creative, easy-going, and often humorous style will leave you smiling, and hitting better shots, with YOUR swing. No machines (other than occasional video), no cookie-cutter techniques or systems; Just principles, and 30 years of experience in applying them to ANY swing. Here is what some of his students say:

* "Phil Marrone utterly shattered whatever bad attitude I had about the game. He showed me the wonder and universality of the game with the sure, graceful hand of a master who is truly interested in helping others...
Phil has a combination of easy charm and craft excellence that is rare in any discipline...
I will forever be grateful to this rock and roll athlete with impeccable manners for making my lifetime horizon a little bit wider -- and more entertaining."
~ Kevin Fagan, J. S. Knight Fellowship, Stanford University
S.F. Chronicle reporter on fellowship leave

* "Phil Marrone is an awesome teacher. No matter what your skill level, he knows exactly what you need to improve, and he can make a huge difference with just a few words or a quick, subtle adjustment. His way of phrasing advice makes things clear and understandable, but there's another level there. You think you're learning about golf, but at some point you realize he's teaching you an approach to life."
~ Douglas Kim, arts and entertainment editor, Seattle Times


Single Rates

Golfer Type Lesson Type Duration Price
Adult On Course Instruction 150min $250
Adult Private / Semi-Private 30min $75
Junior On Course Instruction 150min $175
Junior Private / Semi-Private 30min $50
Senior On Course Instruction 150min $250
Senior Private / Semi-Private 30min $75

Stanford University Golf Course
Athletic Dept Stanford Univ.
Palo Alto, CA 94305

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