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Areas of Focus:

  • Putting
  • Short Game
  • Full Swing
  • Fitness
  • Club Fitting

Kris Moe is a class A PGA member and played the PGA Tour in the US and Europe in the 1980s. He is the founder of Kris Moe Golf Schools in Napa, a Top 25 rated golf school and offers private lessons in Alameda (grass tee and best chipping practice area) and also an indoor studio (Wingtip store at 550 Montgomery St.) in the Financial District in San Francisco.

Whatever your golf level now, Kris will evaluate your game, help you understand how to make immediate improvements and build an action plan for you to continue getting better.

Kris believes in measuring your baseline because if you can measure it, you can improve it. Youll really get a lot from using Kris doppler radar technology that hell decipher for you in very simple language to help you understand exactly where to improve.

Lessons Rates
1 hr-$175-You'll get an assessment and action plan to improve your game.

After a session with Kris youll probably be interested in a coaching program. Ask about customizing a monthly coaching program that suits your needs and goals. This may be a lesson a week, once a month or even some playing lessons. Whatever you decide, regular coaching sessions is the best way to improve at anything.

Give Kris a call to discuss the details, 707-529-6458.


Single Rates

Golfer Type Lesson Type Duration Price  
Adult Club Fitting 60min $150 Book It
Adult On Course Instruction 300min $800 Book It
Adult Private / Semi-Private 60min $150 Book It

Group Rates

Golfer Type Lesson Type Duration Student Count Price (per person)  
Adult On Course Instruction 120min 3 $175 Book It
Adult Private / Semi-Private 300min 2 $425 Book It
Adult Private / Semi-Private 300min 3 $350 Book It

Chuck Corica Golf Complex
1 Clubhouse Memorial Rd
Alameda, CA 94502
Artificial   Covered Stall   Indoor  

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